Which battery to choose for your HP laptop?

Nowadays, laptops have become very important whatever your sector of activity. It is therefore essential to know how to make a good choice to have a good autonomy. The battery is very important for the autonomy of electronic devices. The following article gives you more details about HP laptop batteries.

Better choosing your hp battery

To make an optimal choice, one should know what made your battery go bad, as it can be caused by overcharging or overvoltage. For a battery change, it is important to look for the one that has the same manufacture as your computer. Just look at the specifications written on the old battery regarding voltage, power and type. If you don't know these details, you can give them to your salesman so that he can help you make a choice. The battery of your hp pc should be of good quality and genuine. It should have a long life and should be sold with a warranty. There are several models of battery for laptop hp. You can go to our page for additional information.


Among the best-selling hp laptop batteries is the HP PAVILION DV6000 model. The battery for HP PAVILION DV6000 is a new battery that is made of quality cells. It respects the standards of construction, because it has the same technology (Li-ion), the same voltage (10.8V) with a variation of 1V permit. The capacity of the battery (4400mAh,) can vary. It is black, 206 mm long, 51 mm wide, 21 mm high and weighs 301g. It must be charged at least once a month to avoid the performance decreasing.