What to know about cider?

Cider is easy to drink but difficult to make. There are 7500 varieties of this drink, each with different aromatic characteristics and organoleptic features, so you can imagine how difficult it is to find balanced recipes. Today's guide will help you know everything about cider.

What is cider?

Cider is a term from the oil language, used to describe fermented apple juice. Cider is therefore a drink made from the fermentation of apple juice, which tends to be fizzy and slightly alcoholic. Do you want to know more about cider? You can view all about it in this article. Indeed, if you have never drunk cider in your life, you probably imagine a rather nauseatingly sweet liquid, but the reality of the facts is quite different and more articulate. Real cider, in fact, is comparable to a good wine or a refined craft beer, as much for its aromatic, olfactory, and gustatory complexity. Moreover, with these two other fantastic worlds, it shares certain phases of the production process. The work of the craftsmen of the cider, in this sense, is only a crossing between one of the brewers and the winemaker, since it is about the creation of a little alcoholic drink, sparkling and with the great drink of a beer, but from a fresh and perishable product like the grape. This implies having to deal with spontaneous fermentations, chemical mutations of the plant matrix, and different degrees of maturation of the latter.

Visual appearance and olfactory sensors of cider

The clarity of cider depends on both the ingredients used and the production method chosen and varies from good to brilliant. However, the lack of crystallinity should not be considered a defect, especially in all products in which other types of fruit are also present. The foam is present in the sparkling versions, although it is very evanescent compared to that of beer, but it is a defect in case of too big or gushing bubbles. The body of the drink is similar to that of lighter white wines and the main aromatic notes are fresh fruity, spicy, and floral.