Top 3 best gold rings

Wearing jewelry today is a way for women to enhance their figure. To this end, just like necklaces, bracelets and earrings, rings also allow women to complete a simple, yet chic enough outfit to give it an extra touch. Wearing a ring is a way to reflect the personality, but not just any ring. In this article, we present a comparison of 3 models of gold rings trend of the moment. 


The Gold Filled 14 carats 

The 14 carat gold filled ring is one of the best collections of Marie Laure Chamorel. This ring is a gold finish that is applied on a brass base. Very effective and quite resistant than a classic gold-plated ring, the gold-filled ring does not rust, because it is made of raw material. You can click for more information on this fashion accessory. As you may know, the gold-filled ring has the appearance of jewelry designed in gold for a very low price. To keep its clarity at all times, you must use gloves, and also avoid contact with perfumes, skin oils and lotions. It should be kept in a dry place, neither very hot nor very cold.


Gold Multico Ring

With remarkable subtlety, the Gaia Multico ring is able to add the perfect colorful touch to your look. It is a mix of acidic gemstones mixed with lapis lazuli and natural turquoise. The Gaia Multico ring has 2 interlocking rings that bring elegance and finesse to your finger. It is a handmade accessory in 18k yellow gold and set with 13 gemstones (alternating brilliant and marquise cuts): 3 yellow sapphires (2 marquise cuts), 2 emeralds, 2 pink sapphires, 2 marquise-cut rubies, 2 marquise-cut natural turquoise and 2 marquise-cut lapis lazuli.


Ruthenium Crystal ring

This is the last of our selection, the ruthenium crystal ring. Here it is the contrast effect that makes it different from other jewelry in its category. Especially the difference of its pure silver shine and the intensity of the black color of the rock crystal. Made with elegant design, this ring is the best solution for those who describe themselves as fashionable and willing to experiment. It is always perfect to add to your style. 

It is an accessory designed in solid silver and decorated with 10 multicolored tourmaline stones associated with multiple ruthenium chains. Very light, it is a ring that represents a symbol of happiness and joy. For its maintenance, avoid any contact with water. Never forget to remove it before taking a shower. You can also use the hydroalcoholic gel to keep it in good condition.