The inDrive transport service: What are its benefits for the passenger and the customer?

InDrive is a new transportation service launched in Melbourne, Australia, its main goal is to allow passengers and drivers to define their own fares through direct negotiation via an application. In this article, we explain you everything about this new system of payment of your transports.

Direct negotiation between passenger and driver

InDrive is a new transport application whose aim is to improve the payment conditions of your trips. Indeed, the prices fixed automatically by the algorithms according to the journeys for the passengers are not often reliable, as well as the deductions made on the drivers' account. So, you understand that a solution must necessarily be found to remedy this situation? This is how the indriver russia project was successfully launched in Australia. From now on, passengers and drivers have the possibility to directly negotiate the fare via a simple and practical application in order to define a suitable amount. This new ride-sharing experience is revolutionizing the transportation industry. The director indicates that the company is already present in 43 countries and more than 1.3 billion trips have been made in these countries. Soon, other countries and regions of Australia will welcome this new system of payment of your transportation expenses.

InDrive: the democratization of transportation

InDrive is an innovative new application that democratizes the transportation service for both drivers and passengers. It allows passengers to request the fare for a trip by indicating the point of departure and the final destination while mentioning if there will be additional stops. Based on these clues, the driver will be able to give a suitable and discussable price. It should be noted that on the platform there are several drivers who offer interesting deals. Thus, the customer can choose the offer that interests him from a multitude. For this reason, the drivers cannot offer an exorbitant rate. This is why this new transportation system is beneficial for the passengers.