How to soundproof the ceiling?

You live in a built-up area and the noise of your neighbors seems more or less annoying. You wonder how to get rid of these noises. Soundproofing your ceiling is one solution. The solution in this article.

Creating a false acoustic ceiling

The best way to solve a problem is to attack it at the source. Visit So, to soundproof your ceiling, opt for the use of acoustic false ceilings. To do this, you make a false ceiling that you will suspend from a metal frame. Most often, we use ceilings based on plasterboard. These will be aimed on a metal frame fixed by hangers to the existing ceiling.  
This creates a void between the false ceiling and the existing ceiling. This empty space created contains only acoustic insulators such as acoustic panels or rolls. Carefully placed on the metal frame, it will serve as a shock absorber. To eliminate the occasional noise that the false ceiling may emit, we recommend that you purchase anti-bracket hangers.  

For wooden ceilings

The subfloor of your ceiling is made of wood. To soundproof it, you can proceed in two steps. 
   - First, you can use semi-rigid glass wool. You place the semi-rigid glass wool in the middle and under the wooden joists that serve as the floor. This will ensure a double thermal and phonic insulation. 
   - In a second step, you can use reinforced acoustic insulation boards. In this case, you must make sure to use anti-vibration hangers. These hangers will limit the passage of impact noise to the ceiling. To optimize this method, it is advisable to double the cladding, always using anti-vibration hangers. 
Thus, the soundproofing of the wooden ceiling can be managed just like the others.

No more worries. Soundproof your ceiling no matter what type of ceiling you have. Just make sure you follow the instructions.