How to pay the Visitax for a tourist trip to Quintana Roo?


The payment of the Visitax is a must when you have to make a tourist trip to Quintana Roo. This process, which separates you from this heavenly place, may seem simple, but sometimes the excitement can lead you into mistakes. In this article, we reveal how to proceed to get confirmation of payment for your Visitax with peace of mind.

The process of paying the Visitax

If you have to pay the Tourist Tax Mexico on websites, then get ready to fill in a lot of information about yourself. You will have to fill out the Quintana Roo tax form. On this electronic form, you will have to provide your personal information, your email address and the number of people traveling with you. If you are doing this for someone else, make sure you fill in their information and not your own. You must then verify the conformity of the information in order to avoid unfortunate errors. Finally, you must confirm your request by paying the amount of the tax with your credit card. There is also a possibility of payment via your PayPal account. If you have to make the payment at the airport when you arrive in Mexico, you will have to provide very little information. However, be prepared to wait for hours in line.

The duration of the Visitax payment process

The Visitax payment process is not supposed to take long. If you have to do it online, it will just take you at most 10 minutes to finish with the transaction. This time is enough to fill in the form, validate the application and receive its confirmation by email. The process should be just as fast for offline payment, however, the long lines are a major handicap.

Tips to consider for your Visitax application

When you have validated your Visitax payment request, make sure to jealously guard your confirmation. It is possible that you will be audited by the Mexican authorities. In such a situation, only the confirmation can be used as proof that you are up-to-date with tax services.