Facebook Chatbot: How to use it?

With the advent of digital marketing strategies, there are many ways for businesses to promote themselves and sell their goods and services. Among the most powerful computer programs that can be used to promote a business are Facebook chatbots. We tell you how to use them.

Application designed to help customers

Chatbots make customer-business relationships much easier. The standard model of communication between businesses and customers used to be phoned and email. To both of these methods, chatbots add a much more practical side. Facebook is a global network that keeps billions of people constantly connected. It is easier to leave a message via chatbots than via email. Responses to customer concerns are much faster and instantaneous depending on the optimization of the chatbot. For better optimization of chatbots, the designer takes care of collecting and integrating into the software the most questions being asked. Click on: her response for more information on chatbots and other digital marketing topics.

The chatbot then automatically answers without any difficulty. 

The most requested concerns are the following : 

-The opening hours ;

-The status of a delivery ;

-The cost of selling a product ;

-The possibility to change a product.


The benefits of using a chatbot

Facebook's chatbots are used to improve the buying process as much as possible. It is a method that is highly appreciated by customers. It enhances the reliability of the business. For example, Facebook chatbots can be a means of payment confirmation for remote services. They can also be used for setting the payment method and participate in any repair in case of problems. Another advantage of using Facebook chatbots is the ability to share personalized alerts or invitation messages with friends. This is an excellent marketing system that helps to increase the popularity of a company.