Curfew demonstrations in the Netherlands witness clash between police and citizens

After the Dutch parliament passed lockdown laws, there has been unrest in some cities of the Netherlands. Police and citizens clash and curfews are not respected.

Security forces and rioters clash in major Netherland cities

New lockdown issued by the Dutch government has seen stiff resistance from individuals who are annoyed with these restrictions. There were protests in Windhoek and the Utrecht, that required the security officials to tear gas rioters.

Thousands of people gathered around major citizens after 9 pm in defiance of the new restricted time. Some demonstrations three sticks back pilfered stores and broke supermarket windows. However, in Amsterdam, the protests witnessed are little show as most residents stayed at home.

About 120 individuals have been arrested by the police for several offenses ranging from theft, assault, and arson. There were several barricades mounted by the protest, however, police used tear gas to clear the crowd.

Covid-19 testing centers touched by an arsonist in UK

Two COVID-19 testing centers were burned down on Saturday around the inner-city of the UK.

“ The fire in these screening arenas rage till Sunday morning, we are trying to see what we can retrieve” according to health minister Hugo de Jong.

This new curfew from 9 pm to 5:00 is Netherlands’ first lockdown since WW2. Defaulters will pay a fine worth $90. This new restriction was agreed at the Dutch parliament on Thursday. Chairman of the national security council Hubert Bruls pleaded with people that these new restrictions were made to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and he understood that citizens are worried about their freedom.

Netherlands leisure business has suffered since October when all bars and restaurants were shut down. Also, schools and other non-essential businesses were shut down last month. There are also plans to ban flights for South Africa and the UK over fears that the new strain of the virus will get into the country.