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Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum

Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum


SHIPMATES Unit of the Month for July is USCGC OJIBWA, 110-foot harbor tug stationed at Buffalo--the first named Coast Guard cutter to receive an outstanding evaluation in operational readiness by any area inspectors - She earned this distinction on 16 May, when she was given the outstanding rating during her annual inspection by the Northern Inspectors. During 1961 and 1962 she bad received excellent evaluations in her annual inspections.

Since July 1959, when the present inspection standards were established, only five other floating units in the entire service have received the outstanding evaluation, and they were all patrol boat types. There are a total of 235 named cutters in the Coast Guard, with the majority of them inspected annually. According to CHBOSN Kenneth N. Black, commanding officer of the OJIBWA, this indicates that the outstanding rating earned by the vessel was one out of a potential 940 inspections.

OJIBWA is one of 17 110-foot harbor tugs in service in the Coast Guard, and one of five stationed in the Ninth District. The other tour are the ARUNDEL, in Chicago; KAW in Cleveland; NAUGATUCK in Sault Ste. Marie; and the RARITAN, based in Milwaukee.

Like the other 110-footers in the Ninth, OJIBWA has an icebreaking bow, and although her primary duties are listed as search and rescue, she is probably best known for her work each spring breaking out an ice-bound Buffalo Harbor.

Built in Brooklyn in 1943, the OJIBWA served the remainder of World war II on escort and search and rescue duty in the North Atlantic Area. From the end of the war until her transfer to Buftalo1 in 1954, her home port was Boston.

OJIBWA takes her name from a fierce tribe of the Al-gonquin Indian family which originated in the Lake Superior region of the United States and Canada. Her crew consists of one officer, CHBOSN Black, who assumed command in April 1961--and 19 enlisted men.

Icebreaker, tug, search and rescue vessel; the OJIBWA, like the other cutters of the Ninth District, is a "Jack of all Trades". The most descriptive word for the sturdy little workhorse is that given it by the Northern inspectors--OUTSTANDING:!


Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum


From the scrapbook of C.A. (Sandy) Schwaab

Ojibwa in Manitowoc, WI - 2.JPG (79814 bytes)


Ojibwa in Manitowoc, WI.JPG (74226 bytes)


CWO2-bosn-LL.J. Weber, CO.JPG (52619 bytes)


Ojibwa main board.JPG (88087 bytes)


EM1 Goorman DC3 Cooley.JPG (54897 bytes)


EM3 Doyon EM2 Robb.JPG (55511 bytes)


ENC Jenkins.JPG (51060 bytes)


CGC Ojibwa at Buffalo Dock.JPG (75037 bytes)


BM1 Hill.JPG (49629 bytes)


The man in his domain.JPG (99496 bytes)
USCG Ojibwa WYTM 97 Buffalo, NY.JPG (107072 bytes)


SN Wolfe and Jib.JPG (77414 bytes)


Ojibwa stern.JPG (51851 bytes)


Ojibwa bow.JPG (100254 bytes)


Schwaab, Pucak, Daily and Jib.JPG (101197 bytes)


Ojibwa mains 600HP .JPG (173279 bytes)


Buffalo April 1970.JPG (50768 bytes) Buffalo April 1970 2.JPG (35410 bytes)


Detroit river Coal Shovel 1971.JPG (58707 bytes) Schwaab, Naus.JPG (92230 bytes)


More Scrapbook photos of the Ojibwa

dan5.jpg (73003 bytes)
BM1 Jim Hill, bridge of Jib
submitted by Dan Riksen

Submitted by Steve Philips
dan7.jpg (68579 bytes)
Crew members making test holes in ice
submitted by Dan Riksen
dandril.jpg (70562 bytes)
Submitted by Dan Riksen
ojibwa2.JPG (16623 bytes)
Submitted by Steve Philips
ICE1.JPG (11807 bytes)
Wow ! - That's some ice
Submitted by Steve Philips

Fatal fire destroys Pillsbury Flour Mill on waterfront, CGC Ojibwa battles to gain control of it.
Submitted by Dan Riksen


dan6.jpg (34902 bytes)
From Dan Riksen

 BandO.jpg (125115 bytes)
Bramble and Ojibwa - High Stakes Deice game
Jib ahead by a neck
Photo from Dan Riksen
enoj2.jpg (67200 bytes)
Engineering control panel
Photo from Dan Riksen

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