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Reunion 8, 2016 Notice 

FELLOW TUGGERS! The location for our 8th Reunion of the Coast Guard Tug Association has been set! The vote of the membership present at our 2014 reunion and by a member-wide email was to hold our next gathering in Savannah, GA – current home of the former CGC Ojibwa.  

The tentative plans are:

 Dates:     Thursday, 15 September – Sunday, 18 September 2016, Location:    Savannah, GA 

As at previous reunions, attendees will be responsible for making their own individual hotel reservations (when decided), travel to Savannah, (some) local transportation and events, banquet cost, and any additional, unsponsored events (admissions to non-sponsored attractions, etc). 

Details are currently in the early planning stages and a more complete notice will follow about the first of the year. A final announcement will be made in early spring in time for reservations. 

I look forward to a bigger crowd than last time. 

Semper Paratus 

Sandy Schwaab
CWO3, USCG, Ret.
President, CGTA


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